Friends of Peggy's House

The 'Friends of Peggy's House' are a support group of music lovers who live in and around Ormond Street, Paddington. They are a resource group who meet with the resident composer(s), introducing them to the area and providing a local contact group for any support required. This includes IT support, details for piano tuning, house maintenance, and concert presentation assitance. They also invite the resident composer to informal gatherings at their houses. In short, they form a practical human interface to assist in making the residency as comfortable as possible.

The 'Friends of Peggy's House'

Assoc. Professor Ross Steele (Chairman)
Marshall McGuire
Margherita and Bill Robinson
Adrian (poet) and Nick (artist)
Marie McMillan
Simon and Zina Ioannou
Daniel Blinkhorn
Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald