Leaving the house by Cat Hope,
2014 Resident

Well, there was a big gap in this 'blog'. Around 9 months! After settling in to the house, I left for 6 weeks of a Churchill Fellowship (March - May), the installation of a show at PICA featuring the premiere of the Australian Bass Orchestra (June), participation in a Scelsi masterclass series in Sicily, an improvisation conference in Prague (July), a five week residency at the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in Umbria, Italy (August-September), a shortDecibel tour in Australia, featuring the After Julia, Grainger's Free Music and Giacinto Scelsi concerts, an artist talk at CAT in Hobart, a workshop at theWired Lab, and new work premieres in Adelaide for the Zephyr Quartet and Brisbane for Vanessa Tomlinson. The premiere of the orchestral workThe Moment of Disappearance with installation artist Kate McMillan at Carriageworks and the premiere of Tracey Moffat's Art Calls, who I worked with to create the opening music in Sydney - and is currently on show at GOMA in Queensland.

As we pack up the way too many books and records we have accumulated to the hum of news coverage of the Sydney Siege, I reflect on the difference between the city where i have lived for 10 years - Perth, and this place i spent 9 or so months in, Sydney. I'm going to miss the big city. All the things to see and do, the beautiful situation of the city on the harbour, the closeness of Peggy's house to the CBD, the big art shows and travelling international artists that never make it 'over there'. I'm going to miss those, the rain in summer and the established gardens that flourish in them, all the wonderful people I met or just go to know better. But I realise how lucky i am to have a regular and reasonably stable job for me somewhere in the world, and any fleeting dreams I have of returning  to being 'freelance' are quickly put aside and I realise how much i am looking forward to returning to the crazy world that i inhabit at WAAPA. I am looking forward to continuing working with the things i worked so hard to create in and out of there, working with my collaborators, releasing the new Decibel album, recording, launching the Western Australian New Music Archive project, the upcoming Totally Huge New Music Festival in May,  the 2015 Decibel concerts, and planning the academic year.  I am also looking forward to a holiday!

It was my aim this year to make Peggy's house an open house, with visitors and get togethers. Its been full of musicians, composers, dancers, theatre makers, film makers, poets, painters, school children, sleep overs, lay overs, visitors from everywhere. There have been parties, little concerts, band rehearsals with Decibel and the choir Andree Greenwell got together for the After Julia concert, composition workshops with Zubin Kanga on the big piano and Mark Cauvin with his double bass. Social media was plastered pictures of Luke playing duos will all ranges of musicians that came and went.  Read the rest of the article...